Importance of Reaching Your Target Weight

Removing extra fluid is an essential function of Hemodialysis. This Bulletin Board is intended to help patients understand the process by reviewing: What is a Target Weight and how is…

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Is This Food Dialysis Friendly Bulletin Board – Winter Edition

As the seasons change, dialysis (HD) patients may have questions about specific foods. These are often related to holiday gatherings and changing taste preferences.  This bulletin board offers an interactive…

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MRT-LEAP Dietitian & Client Resource

This handout will help you get started with your MRT/LEAP counseling session, it not only provides resources for the patient but also resources designed exclusively for dietitians (i.e., step-by-step guide…

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Nutrition for Marathon Runners

This reader friendly 1 page nutrition handout is the perfect resource for your marathon running client.  Includes Pre-workout nutrition prioritizing topping off glycogen stores and providing energy for the run Post…

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Cookie Dough Protein Bites

A healthy cookie dough protein ball recipe that athletes of all levels will love. This quick energy dense snack is my most popular recipe and helps athlete stay fueled throughout…

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Guess The Spice Game!

This quickie game is perfect for occupying a group of kids during a food demo, activity, cooking or nutrition lesson. Simply choose 10 spices and have the kids close their…

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RD2RD has been a great way for me to make some passive income from doing something I really enjoy – creating nutrition education materials! The process for adding my listings to the RD2RD web site is very simple, and I love that I can also make some affiliate income by promoting all of the other quality products on the web site as well

Corinne Kantor

Dietetic Technician, Registered

I have really enjoyed the process of creating content for my clients and having RD2RD Marketplace a space to share with other RDs has been SO rewarding! Also it has given me more focus and drive to get direct feedback from my audience and I’m immersing myself in more gyms & fitness studios around Denver. It feels like RD2RD Marketplace has filled in a missing link in my positive feedback system.

Monica Salafia, MS, RD, CPT

Mind Body Nutrition

Very simple and intuitive.

Rochelle Davies

Registered Dietitian

I think RD2RD is the future for Dietitians looking to expand their passive income. It allows them to make a profit from the content they’ve already created and help other dietitians save time and money at the same time. Plus there’s an affiliate program for RD2RD which increases your passive even more. Megan has thought of an awesome marketplace to help dietitians build up their private practice and careers.

Lara Clevenger

Registered Dietitian