3 Tips to Prevent an Impulse Buy

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We’ve all been there…

With deals arriving in your inbox daily, targeted advertising and easy online shopping, it’s easy to make an impulse buy. Marketing is sophisticated and lots of effort goes into creating irresistible motivation to buy, NOW!

Impulse buys aren’t always negative, but can increase your spending or derail you from saving for a larger purchase.

This article contains 3 tips for preventing impulse buys. It also highlights features RD2RD offers to help you make better purchases.

1. Shop from a list!

Before pressing the Checkout button, take a pause and clearly define how you will use the product you’re about to buy. Just because it’s a great price or a highly rated product, doesn’t make it a good fit for you.

One of best ways to prevent impulse buys is to shop from a list. Having a plan for your purchases allows you to score a deal on items you need.

For RD2RD, use the Wish List feature to keep yourself on track. You can create a master list of products or organize by topic such as business tools or client education.

When sales happen or special discounts, visit your Wish List(s) and choose from these products.

Access the wish list feature by choosing “Add to Wish List” on the product listing page. Create a new wish list or add to an existing.

Access your wish list from your customer account.

2. Pay Attention to Product Details

While this may seem obvious, it’s easy to overlook the details. For example, you score an amazing deal on a new dryer and then realize it’s gas – you need electric. That’s never happened to me….

Don’t let a low price or bonuses distract you from reviewing key details.

For products on RD2RD, there are some easy to miss elements that can lead to disappointment.

Follow these recommendations before making a purchase.

File Type: Take a moment and notice what type of file you’re purchasing.

If you’re purchasing a PDF, it’s not going to be an editable format. If you want to be able to make edits and customize, it might not be your best bet.¬† Another product that may be priced higher could be a better option depending on your needs.

File type is listed in the product details area of the product listing page. See the example below.

Release Date and Last Updated: If you’re looking for an up-to-date resource, be sure to take note of when the product was released and if it’s been updated.

This is also important if you’re reading reviews and note any that are less than favorable. Most vendors will make updates to products based on customer feedback.

It’s easy to rush and miss key product details. Take a few extra moments and review information so you make a great purchase.

3. Contact the Seller with Pre-Sale Questions

When you’re shopping online, there can be details missing or specific questions you want answered. Asking pre-sale questions ensures¬† key features you’re looking for are present.

Avoid making assumptions about a product. This can be as simple as assuming that color will match or that a software tool will work with others we already use.

Unless a seller has explicitly included information in product listing, it’s best to ask pre-sale questions.

Asking a pre-sale questions allows you to gauge a seller’s responsiveness and customer service approach. This is often something that is overlooked, but shouldn’t be. If questions aren’t welcomed or answers provided promptly, you should look elsewhere.

On RD2RD, you can easily send a message to vendors. Use the Contact Me button on each product listing. Messages are sent to via email to the vendor and you’ll receive a notification when vendor responds.

While you may feel like contacting a vendor to ask a question is a bother, I can guarantee you that they’d love the opportunity to connect. Most often questions help vendors to improve their product description, add additional content to their product or provide ideas for new products.

Summary: Preventing Impulse Buys

Preventing impulse buys isn’t always going to happen. However, by following a few principles you can score a deal not disappointment.

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