You want to create a digital product, but what you really want is a PROFITABLE, digital product.

As a Registered Dietitian, you have countless ways to monetize your expertise and generate passive income selling digital products. The hardest part can be deciding what to sell.

Profitable Digital Products for Registered Dietitians

In this article you’ll find 5 different types of profitable, digital products well-suited to Registered Dietitians.  Examples of each product type will get your creative juices flowing.

You’re sure to be full of ideas when you finish reading. Get ready to launch your profitable online store.

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1. eBooks

The most popular type of digital product you can sell is an ebook. It is easier than ever to self-publish a book. If you consider that more than 30% of sales from the Kindle store are self-published, this product type should be at the top of your list.

If self-publishing isn’t something you’re ready to take on, traditional publishing is still a viable option. Keep your eye on the trend of the hybrid author, an author who publishes both via traditional publishing and self-publishing.

A large investment isn’t needed to get your book idea off the ground. One of the benefits of a digital product is the low cost of producing the product. The largest investment will be your time.

If the thought of selling your book gives you more pause than the writing, take heart.  Setting up an online store is easier than you might think. Selling from your own website allows you to keep more in earnings than selling on a site like Amazon’s Kindle store.

Generate sales of your book by promoting it on social media, linking to your book in blog posts and online groups. You can also sell your book on a marketplace website like RD2RD.

If writing hundreds of pages has you feeling overwhelmed, the length of many ebooks is shorter than you might imagine. There are many examples of short ebooks available. You might see them called guides. Don’t be afraid to start small and get your product launched more quickly.

eBook Examples on RD2RD

When reviewing, note the difference and price and length between these products.

Health Takes Guts: Your Comprehensive Guide to Eliminating Digestive Issues, Anxiety and Fatigue – This book is sold as a stand-alone resource, but also has a pricing option that includes 13 treatment protocols. Having pricing tiers and a strategy for up-selling can boost revenue from your digital products.

The Essential Vegan Lifestyle Guide – Note this product is called a guide, but is organized like an ebook.  It is comprehensive and substantial in length. Keep in mind how you name and market your product as it can be valuable for sales and pricing strategy.

A Primer on Ayurveda for Health Professionals – This book is an example of a creating a product in a specific niche and monetizing expertise. It is also sold on Amazon as a physical product and this digital edition. You may want to offer a physical book as well.

Sports Nutrition for Peak Performance – This is a shorter and more economical option than the other books listed. Think about how you could offer a product like this to your clients or promote in related blog posts as a more comprehensive resource.


2. Videos and Courses

The boom in online learning has created an opportunity to monetize your expertise as an RD. Some course creators choose to create content aimed at clients or the public, while others create resources for professionals.

Most online courses feature video lessons and many also include downloadable resources with purchase. Some courses allow access to all lessons immediately after purchase. Others make content available over a period of time, an approach known as “drip” content.

Creating and selling an online course is a big project, but it allows you to create a passive income source. Typically online courses have a higher price tag than other digital products. This article features RD course creators and how they choose the method to sell their course.

Video and Course Digital Product Examples on RD2RD

Private Practice Education: On-boarding Your Client – This educational video offers insight into a complex and confusing process for new private practice owners.  The video provides best practice recommendations and includes references to other digital products available such as policy templates. This is an excellent example of cross-selling other products to existing customers.

Fast Track to Pretty Graphics with Canva – This course is aimed at nutrition business owners that want to improve their graphic design skills.  It is an example of creating a digital product that leverages skills not traditionally thought of as within a RDs expertise.  You can monetize expertise outside of the narrow definition of nutrition.

How to Practice the Anti Diet Approach to Dietetics – This includes both a recording of an expert panel-discussion style webinar and a workbook. The video was previously a live event that was transitioned to a recorded, on-demand digital product. The addition of a workbook or download can increase the value of a course or video.


3. Documents

Documents can include items like handouts, meal plans, forms, templates or toolkits.  You may have already created a number of documents for your own use that could be easily put to work earning you passive income.

Selling documents you’ve created is an efficient way to jump into the world of online sales.  Typically, you’ve validated the use of these products in your own practice or business. This means you don’t need to spend a great deal of time to get them ready to sell.

You can easily sell your documents directly from your website. There are a number of considerations when you are setting up an online store. This article provides an overview of key elements of selling online.

Many sellers opt to use a marketplace to sell their digital documents.  RD2RD is an example of a marketplace designed exclusively for RDs. A benefit of a market place is help to market your products to a broader audience and increasing sales.

Document Product Examples Available on RD2RD

Fitness Dietitian’s Initial Consult Questionnaire – Forms are an essential part of running a nutrition practice. This is an example of a niche-specific form and a way to create passive income selling a tool you have already created.

Low Potassium Plate Guide – This client education handout leverages the creators nutrition knowledge, design and education skills to create a passive income digital product. A visually-appealing handout that reviews an important nutrition topic, is always in demand.

Easy Peasy Simple Snacking Guide – An organized and visually appealing list of 40+ snack ideas – this resource fills a common need RDs have when working with clients.  Tools that are helpful in your practice can also earn you passive income.

Dietitian Reimbursement Toolkit – This product contains a combination of videos, forms and templates. Offering a comprehensive toolkit can increase the value for the customer and price point of the product.


4. Services

You may not think of a service as a digital product, but they can be a profitable way to earn money online. You’ve probably heard of or used sites like Upwork or Fiverr.  These are marketplaces where you can easily hire a freelancer for jobs such as designing a logo or creating a video.  These sites also allow you to sell your expertise as a service.

Services can also be included with other digital products that you offer in a bundle.  For example, you may offer access to a video and workbook at one price, but also have a higher price tier that includes a custom meal plan, virtual visit or customization.

Services that are well suited to RDs include writing, recipe analysis/development and menu planning.  If you have skills in areas such as graphic design, website building, food photography or other niches, you can also sell your expertise as a service.

Ideas for Services – Digital Product Examples  Available on RD2RD

Guide to Freelance Writing as an RDN – This is a comprehensive getting start guide for RDs that want to generate income writing.  It is an example of a digital product in a service-related area for RDs.

Recipe & Food Video Planning Toolkit– This toolkit contains a set of tools to help plan and execute recipe videos.  Creating high quality food/recipe videos can be a income-generating service for RDs.


5. Photos/Graphics

Sales of images and graphics have increased dramatically. While there are free stock photography websites, purchased images and graphics are common.

If you have skill in developing appealing health and nutrition related graphics or photography, you could sell them as a digital product. Typically, with graphics or images, you would be granting the purchaser rights to utilize your work under a licensing agreement while you retain the copyright.

Photos/Graphics Digital Product Examples on RD2RD

Healthy Eating Tips for Social Media Graphics – these pre-designed healthy eating graphics for social media leverage design skill to create a digital product.

Fruit Character ABCs – these printable characters are an example of using design and education skills to create a passive income digital product.


Profitable Digital Products for Registered Dietitians Summary:

Selling digital products is an incredible opportunity for Registered Dietitians to monetize their expertise and generate passive income.

Selecting a profitable digital product that is well-suited to your skills can help you quickly launch a profitable online store.

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