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Registered Dietitians

RD2RD brings a powerful e-commerce platform to the nutrition professional, and a destination for colleagues and the public to purchase RD-created digital goods.

RD2RD is the first online marketplace designed exclusively for RDs to share / sell / buy original content via digital downloads.  It leverages the talents and creations of RDs to inspire and drive RD success.

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Registered Dietitians
Registered Dietitians
Do you have presentations, handouts and more sitting in your file storage that could be earning you money?  RD2RD allows you to put your work to work and create passive income selling your digital goods.  Signing up to be a vendor is free and your custom store URL showcases your items and makes it easy to share and promote product sales.  Create a product with a simple submission form and it is automatically added to your store.  Sales are processed securely and you receive payments to your Paypal account.

What if you could find that perfect presentation or handout in just a few clicks, purchase and instantly download?  Do you spend your valuable time searching the internet for the perfect client education tool or presentation?  Do you scour listservs or social media group archives for a colleague that might have a resource to share?  Those days are over.  Meet RD2RD.  With just a few clicks, you can search and purchase essential resources created by your peers.

Join our growing marketplace (it’s FREE)!

Registered Dietitians

Selling and sharing digital resources doesn’t have to be difficult or complex. RD2RD solves the inherent issues RDs face sharing and selling original content such as client education materials, webinars, clinical resources, and business tools. Currently these items are shared / sold inefficiently on listservs, individual websites, blogs, and FB groups. RD2RD is an innovative, sharing community and puts RD-created content at the front of the line when purchasing digital goods.  As the recognized expert in nutrition, RDs must have collaborative and innovative tools to make a meaningful difference in health and maintain their prominence.

Marketplace websites have changed the selling landscape and created opportunities for entrepreneurs to generate new income streams. RD2RD is a marketplace site that is focused on the needs of RDs and their unique services and tools.  It is FREE to join (basic membership) and list products.  Members are charged a service fee when items are sold.

Basic members earn 65% of each sale (35% service fee).  Premium members earn 80% for each sale (20% service fee).  A premium membership is optional and is $49/year or $5/month.   RD2RD takes care of all the payment processing and delivery of purchased product to customers and site security.

Customers receive automated email notifications regarding purchases with no action required by vendor.  Vendors easily access and review earnings via vendor dashboard as well as history of product sales.  Additionally, RD2RD offers comprehensive process for customers to post reviews of purchased products and provide feedback about vendor interaction.  RD2RD is a comprehensive e-commerce marketplace and makes the process easy for vendors and customers

RD2RD brings powerful technology to the nutrition entrepreneur, with an innovative, sharing community.

Do you want to sell your digital goods? Sign up with us and we’ll help you distribute your products to a wide audience.

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Registered Dietitians

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