Need diabetes teaching tools for use in your client counseling sessions? How about weight-inclusive diabetes materials for guiding your patients? Or perhaps you have been looking for meal planning ideas for your patients who have diabetes.  

RD2RD has all of your diabetes resources needs covered.

Our most popular diabetes content includes:  

Diabetes Teaching Tools for Your Virtual Practice:

From dietitian Lorena Drago, this toolkit equips you with 13 diabetes teaching tool topics and 8 interactive activities to help your patients learn about diabetes management. Preview Lorena’s toolkit here and learn how to adapt to a hybrid counseling model: “Adapting to a Hybrid Model: Virtual and In-Person Patient Education Handouts for the Busy Diabetes Educator.”

Balanced Diabetes Plate with Meal Ideas:

Dietitian Ashley Thomas created this resource to help you reinforce balanced eating for blood sugar management. Ashley’s toolkit comes complete with colorful handouts and sample meal ideas.

Diabetes Bundle:

Get everything you need to counsel your patients with diabetes! This bundle is for the dietitian new to working with patients with diabetes as well as the experienced CDCES.

Weight Inclusive Diabetes Nutrition Presentation:

This must-have slide-deck from Vickery Wellness will help you guide your patients and reduce overwhelm when learning about diabetes nutrition. Use this weight-neutral approach that takes their overall health into account.

This curated collection of products features our bestselling (and best value) resources.