Dietitian Creator Challenge

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Make an impact (and passive income) with your nutrition knowledge.

Right now is the perfect time to take the first step toward listing on RD2RD.

Sign up for the  Dietitian Creator Challenge, and you’ll immediately receive a tried-and-true blueprint for creating and listing a successful, profitable digital nutrition resource on RD2RD!

The blueprint contains:

Insight into building a sought-after resource – it’ll be profitable when you follow this planning process!

Steps to help you outline your resource’s content.

  • Graphic design tips, tutorials and templates to help you capture buyers’ attention.

Tips for marketing, promoting and selling your must-have content.

Toolkit and pre-made promo materials included!

How does the challenge work?

Your blueprint arrives immediately after you sign up.  

The Dietitian Creator Challenge is self-paced and you have until the end of March to complete your nutrition resource. 

Join this once-a-year opportunity to become a dietitian creator!

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