page preview of no sugar challenge workbook
Feel like you have been consuming too many sweets and can’t seem to stop  this pattern? This weight neutral 14 Day No Sugar Challenge will help get you back on track with your nutrition and wellness regimens all while improving your overall health! Begin this challenge on your own time, when you feel ready (and repeat as needed)!
There may be hidden sugar in your diet that you didn’t even know you were eating. In fact, the average person consumes around 22 teaspoons of sugar on a daily basis, which is more than four times what the FDA recommends. What most people don’t realize is that these sneaky added sugars may actually enhance your cravings for more sugar and excessive sugar consumption has been linked to several harmful health conditions, such as obesity, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.
This 79 PAGE NON-BRANDED eBook is a resource guide to help get you back on track with your nutrition and wellness regimens all while improving your overall health!
Complete With:
  • A healthy meal plan
  • No sugar added recipes
  • Nutrition tips
  • Daily challenges

Breakdown of this eBook:

  • Day 1: Learn About Sugar
  • Day 2: Hidden Sources of Sugar
  • Day 3: How to Beat Sugar Cravings
  • Day 4: No Sugar Added Sample Meal Plan
  • Day 5: Don’t Use Sugar as a Reward
  • Day 6: What to Eat When Craving Sweets
  • Day 7: Get Enough Sleep
  • Day 8: How to Balance Your Plate
  • Day 9: Eat a Protein Packed Breakfast
  • Day 10: How to Read Food Labels
  • Day 11: Salt Cravings vs. Sugar Cravings
  • Day 12: Rethink Your Drink
  • Day 13: A Glimpse Into Mindful Eating
  • Day 14: What to Do After the Challenge

This eBook is NON-BRANDED and does not include Author Info.

page preview of no added sugar challenge workbook

page preview of no added sugar challenge

page preview of no sugar added challenge workbook
















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  • Excellent resource, even better service

    “This challenge is AMAZING!! The content is absolutely AWESOME, and working with the author through of a couple of hiccups has been MORE than helpful, so very kind and accommodating!!

    This booklet is extremely professional. It is evident that a great deal of time and effort was put in to develop this program!! I can’t wait to share with my clients!!

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