An athlete’s body is made to move. In order to squat heavier, sprint faster, press more or balance longer, your body needs to be fueled properly with enough energy to handle its basic functions, your normal day, and those hours you spend in the gym or fitness studio. Stock up your kitchen with these fitness staple foods to maximize your workout performance!

Help your clients reach their fitness goals with food using this Fitness Nutrition Meal Plan and Meal Prep Toolkit

The Fitness Nutrition Meal Plan and Meal Prep Toolkit features the top food trends predicted in 2019 based off of this year’s FNCE plus a list to help clients get their kitchens stocked with nutritious foods that will help them meet their fitness goals!

Complete with…

  • a list of protein, starches, non-starchy veggies, fruits, fats, and an ‘other’ category
  • quick meal prep ideas for clients to have healthy & quick-to-make foods
  • a blank grocery list template included
  • a Handy Portion Size Guide!

Be one of the first sports dietitian’s to provide their clients with the “need to know” about the foods listed here. I recommend downloading this , reviewing it and becoming an expert in the foods I’ve listed because clients WILL be looking for information on these items. 

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