Remember coming up with code names for you and your friends when you were younger?  Or being in the school yard hanging out with your buddies after class?

Well take a break from your daily grind to stroll down memory lane with some fun facts about that oh-so-famous code word for that beautiful botanical we know as cannabis or marijuana, and then unwind with a creative activity. Some of our most creative thinking can arise when we use cannabis!

In this 420 freebie, you’ll receive:

  • 1 Fun Fact sheet about the origin of 420
  • 1 Cannabis Coloring activity sheet

Whether you’re a dietitian, a client, a cannabis-consumer or non-user, check out this free resource if you just need to unwind, have a laugh and get creative! To further enhance the experience, gather a couple of your best buds, share some stories, laugh and get inventive together!

*Most printer-friendly when only printing page 2

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