Getting adolescents to make their own snacks is great. After all, it promotes life-skills, encourages independence, and provides them with nourishing, homemade food. 

While you love this idea, you also find yourself thinking…

  • I don’t have time to help them prepare snacks. 
  • I need simple recipe ideas that they can safely make on their own.
  • I don’t have time to search for snack recipes they might like.

I hear you! Parents are busy, and there is barely enough time to cook dinner never mind snacks. Fortunately, many tweens and teens will gladly get creative in the kitchen on their own, they often just need encouragement, a simple recipe, and ingredients to help them get started.

That’s why I created this resource, 7 Nourishing Snacks for Teens

It contains:

  • Recipes that are simple enough for tweens and teens to make on their own.
  • Recipes that appeal to a variety of tastes.
  • Recipes that can be used as starting guides to come up with their own creative twists.
  • A bonus section with tips for creating great snack habits.

Maximize your snack plan by combining this with the Smart Snacking for Teens resource, featuring a mix and match food list plus answers to common snacking questions. Save money by purchasing both in this Teen Snack List Bundle.

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