Are you trying to market corporate wellness services?  Maybe you’ve been doing corporate wellness for a while and are simply looking to increase your clients, or maybe you’re just breaking into corporate wellness.  Either way, this listing is perfect for you!

How to use this set of workplace wellness ideas:

This set of 79 workplace wellness ideas can be used in several ways:

  • As a lead generator on your website (i.e. “enter your email here to receive our comprehensive list of 79 worksite wellness ideas!”)
  • As outreach materials for clients that you may be contacting directly.  (For example, print this document off and bring it to potential client meetings.)
  • Or simply for your own reference to give you more workplace wellness ideas and the types of services you can offer!

When I had my corporate wellness business, this was an effective “freebie” that I used to collect emails from website visitors.  It gives a broad range of ideas to the company/person that downloads it, some of which they may be empowered to take on themselves, and some of which they may need help with implementing.  If you use this as an email freebie, then you can set up a follow up system to check in with these email leads, set up free consultations, etc – and hopefully secure additional clients!

How this document is set up:

The document is set up with an initial letter explaining some of the benefits of corporate wellness programs, including previously-researched ROI data.  There are editable highlighted spaces for you to enter your own company name and contact information so that you can brand it for your business.

After the short letter introduction, there is a list of 79 different workplace wellness ideas separated by topic: 1) nutrition, 2) physical activity, 3) stress & mental health, 4) general wellness, 5) weight management, and 6) goal setting, and 7) financial wellness.

This comes as a word document, so you are free to edit the ideas, sections, or branding in any way that you see fit.

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