Have any patients that just need to clean up their diets but they probably won’t commit to major food restrictions? That’s what the Anti-Inflammatory food plan was written for. What’s going to make everyone so happy about this plan is that there’s plenty to eat, it’s not restrictive in quantity, and the reduction in systemic inflammation will benefit every organ, system and function! Wahoo!

The perks to this food plan:

  • Can be used like a detox plan without going to extreme measures people think they have to go to

  • It eliminates added sugar, dairy, industrial seed oils (canola, corn, soybean, etc.), processed foods, corn

  • Emphasizes whole grains & legumes, fruits, veggies, nuts/seeds, high quality animal products, health fats

  • How to count macros if someone wants to manage: weight loss, blood sugar levels, candida, energy, and on and on…


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  • Anti-Inflammatory Handout

    I ave been wanting to redo my anti-inflammatory diet handout. Now I do not need to! This is very thorough and exactly what I wanted to give to clients.

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