One of the biggest challenges for athletes is fueling on game day.

  • “What do I eat?”
  • “What if I am not hungry?”
  • “What if I have 3 games in 1 day?”
  • “Am I supposed to eat carbohydrates before or after my game?”

Sound familiar?

This easy meal planning document is the perfect solution for mapping out a fueling plan. The blank template allows athletes of all ages to interact and, with your guidance, build a fueling plan this is right for them. This document is provided in a word document so you can customize the game timing to best meet your athlete’s needs. 

It is a great way to provide a tangible, realistic and individualized meal plan for an athlete and works extremely well in a group setting. This activity goes great at the end of my Sports Nutrition Bootcamp and I have seen much success with the combination.



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  • helpful worksheet to go with slides

    Clean format. Can be a useful tool to help end user create meals that they will eat.

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