Empower your clients/patients to structure snacks to provide variety, balance and satiety in their daily routines.  This resource highlights 3 snacking categories along with instruction to choose one option from each list to build a healthy and filling snack.  Your clients will receive specific snack examples with endless mix & match combinations.

This resource features:

  • snack categories: whole grain carbs, proteins/fats, fruits/veg
  • 15 examples in each category list
  • snacking strategy & tips
  • simple snack combination – 14 visual examples for inspiration

How this resource helps your clients/patients:

  • added support to implement healthful habits at home
  • easy formula to build healthful snacks on their own
  • take home a list for guidance and inspiration

How this resource helps you as RD:

  • a tool to provide quick & easy recommendations to clients
  • visually appealing, easy to read, done for you resource
  • use as visual tools & talking points during a counseling session
  • colorful handouts to send home to reinforce goals discussed

Looking for snacks for kids?… See my Build a Balanced Snack for Kids handout!

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