Your client/friend/family member has just been diagnosed with celiac disease and asks you, “What brands of gluten-free food do you recommend?”

I had been a dietitian for over 20 years before getting diagnosed with celiac disease. Yet, I didn’t have many opinions when it came to gluten-free products.

While we strive for a diet built around whole unprocessed foods, let’s face it. Sometimes we need to use foods that come in a package or bottle. 

This handout was created to make your job easier! It includes OVER 100 images of packaged foods and pantry staples, available in stores across the country, your local supermarket, or online:

  • Breads, Buns, Tortillas, & Pizza
  • Crackers & Breadcrumbs
  • Pasta & Grains
  • Cereal & Breakfast
  • Flours & Baking 
  • Cookies 
  • Snacks, Bars & Dessert
  • Protein Supplements 
  • Soup, Broth, & Sauces
  • Plus bonus pages with an index for easy reference.

Your patients will want to take this handout grocery shopping. Can be used for populations who prefer visual pictures and less reading, or for those with low literacy.

Let the Diarrhea Dietitian from Strategic Nutrition, LLC make it easier to teach your clients. See the other resources in my store:

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  • Tips for Cooking Meals for Celiac Disease or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity
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  • Low FODMAP Brand Name Foods


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  • Excellent Resource!

    My celiac clients TOTALLY love this! Clear, colorful, and informative! Five stars!

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