Are you scratching your head, trying to figure out how to easily collect testimonials without sounding to needy or pushy? Use my client testimonial form to quickly and securely collect your client’s success story to grow your practice and get valuable insight!

While I provide tips on how to automate other forms I have created, I do not recommend automating this form. You will know when the right time is present to share this form. The instructions of the form also include other methods for your client to share their story, whether it is through social media or Google reviews.

Please note that you will need to go through the form to change the practitioner name and Google Review link – instructions will be included on the download.

This product is a PDF with the Practice Better code to directly upload into your Better practitioner portal. It is not a PDF printout of the form. I created the product in this way to allow you to incorporate this form into your account with one click, saving you time on creating a new form from scratch.

I am an avid user of Practice Better with my virtual practice. It allows me to seamlessly collect client information, method of payments, track food and lifestyle journals (with personalized modifications like limiting calorie visibility), and more. In my ongoing use of Practice Better, I have created a series of forms that help obtain more helpful information.

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