This Basics bundle will help improve client satisfaction and save you the hassle and time of having to send each client a recap or goal summary email after every session, significantly cutting back on non-billable hours spent in your practice!

What you Get:

Goal Setting Worksheet-

Help your clients learn how to set the right goals to help motivate them and keep them focused. This worksheet is perfect for getting a client started in an initial consultation and will take you through your entire time with the client. Help them create their vision and guide them to choose the best steps towards that vision.  To most effectively use this worksheet, discuss appropriate goal setting with the client in the first session and help them fill out the first page to create their vision. On the following page, you can help the client choose steps to take towards that vision. Start with 1 or 2 to focus on and when they’ve been accomplished, have them check it off and choose the next step. Other features include a toolbox checklist which includes the option to include a vision board, gratitude journal, food journal, and more!

Lifestyle Roadmap-

Sometimes clients have to move on or take a break- maybe their insurance won’t pay for more sessions that year, or they can’t afford another package. You still want them to remain successful moving forward for their own sake and also to improve their satisfaction so that they’ll write good reviews and recommend you to their own family and family. This worksheet is the perfect guide to help them set up a plan to stay on track and maintain the progress you’ve made. The worksheet provides space to create a nutrition and exercise plan, a self care plan, a monitoring and accountability plan, and more!

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