10 pages are made up of individual handouts covering the following topics. Handouts are large font, visual, clear and precise, informative and unique to Food Fitness First. 

  1. Autoimmune Diseases. What is it and what are some types?
  2. Coping with a Recent Diagnosis. Helpful tips on how to be successful.
  3. Inflammatory Bowel Disease. General Go-To’s and Caution Food Lists.
  4. Tips for Managing Crohn’s Disease.
  5. List of good foods when managing Crohn’s Disease.
  6. List of trigger foods when managing Crohn’s Disease.
  7. High and Low Fiber Foods (pictures of foods only – very visual).
  8. Foods High in Iron (pictures and words of foods – very visual).
  9. Lists of Inflammatory and Anti-Inflammatory Foods.
  10. Lists of High and Low Pesticide Residue Foods: Buying Organic Produce.

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