The #1 resource for anyone feeding or working with a picky eater with food texture aversions, this bundle includes over 300 sensory-friendly nutritious foods for kids who struggle to eat.

These lists are for you if:

  • You created a perfect healthy snack list. Only to have your client tell you their child won’t eat a single food on it.
  • You’d love to suggest a protein that isn’t a chicken nugget.
  • You spend hours creating menus to match a child’s specific texture preferences.
  • You’d love to boost variety in a child’s diet, but you’re stuck racking your brain for nutritious options.  
  • You’re frustrated of hearing “but he won’t eat that.”
  • You don’t know what protein to possibly offer a child who only eats crunchy foods.

After making dozens of food lists to match the texture preferences and sensory food aversions of the picky eaters I work with, I created the Sensory Protein Guide and Ultimate Sensory Snack Guide – complete lists of nutritious options for kids’ most common sensory preferences.

These are must-have resources if you work with picky eaters, problem feeders, or kids with oral-motor delays, autism, or sensory processing disorder. Finally hundreds of foods they can actually eat.

The Sensory Foods Handbook contains:

  • The Ultimate Sensory Snack Guide featuring:
    • Over 200 snack ideas
    • At least 30 suggestions for each of kids’ 8 most preferred tastes and textures: crunchy, soft, sweet, salty, smooth, high sensory (big taste or texture), warm, and cold
    • At home and on-the-go options
    • And more!
  • The Sensory Protein Guide featuring:
    • 100 healthy protein ideas
    • Vegetarian and vegan options
    • Tips, tricks, and more

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