Have you ever started a follow-up session wih a client and he or she completely forgot what you discussed in the previouss session?

Has a client ever said, “I knew I had something to tell you but I cannot remember now!”  

While this is frustrating, it is completely normal.  We know that it takes practice to cultivate new habits.  

When trying to change a behavior, it takes practice, persistance, and time.  Writing down what we are doing actually rewires the part of the brain that creates anxiety– what does this mean?  

  • It is good to give homework to your clients.  
  • Asking them to create goals and monitor progress will help!
  • Customize goals for each client.  
  • Review at each session and provide feedback.  The client may have made no changes; however, simply being there is showing up.  

This resource is one way to give your clients a way to monitor habits, track goals, and cultivate a practice of gratitude.  The resource includes a page for each day of the week. 

When used in conjuction with my other resources, you can have the client track how they are utilizing the skills you are teaching them!  

Check out Cognitive Behavior Therapy Comprehensive Practice Bundle and Motivational Interviewing Roadmap and Guide. 



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