Decoding Nutrition Labels

Have you been tasked to create a presentation about nutrition labels? Are you fumbling with where to start? Look no further! This family-friendly, 50-60 minute long lesson is perfect for teaching adults and school-age children about nutrition labels, sugar, and salt. Created using the tried and true 4-A lesson plan format, participants will become engaged in the lesson with a thought-provoking question (the anchor), learn the new information (the add), use that information in a hands-on activity (the apply), and leave the lesson with a solid task or take away to bring home (the away). 

In this lesson you will engage your groups with a thought-provoking question about nutrition labels, teach them the skills they need to read a nutrition label, and teach them about sugar and salt, and allow them to apply the information in a label decoding activity. 

This toolkit contains:

  • PowerPoint presentation you can customize
  • Lesson plan outline
  • Activity worksheet
  • Ideas for takeaway items

This lesson is ideal for families, but can also be used with adults-only classes, and classes with children ages 10+. It can be customized to different age and literacy levels.


Have fun! 

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Forks of Nature

Forks of Nature has been created to bring credible and reliable nutrition information to the public to help make attaining health easier for everyone. The content created is from an RD to make fellow RD's lives easier whether it comes to consulting clients or presenting nutrition topics to the public. Forks of Nature continues to compile a library of resources that are tried and true in the community or client-based setting in Rochester, NY. Keep your eyes here for future presentations, handouts, and other resources to use out in your communities!

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