Food labels give us the information about the calories, number of servings, and nutrient content of packaged foods. Reading the labels can help our patients and clients make healthy choices when they shop, however most Americans do not know how to read the labels properly. This presentation has the most up to date research on how to simply read the food label and decode the misleading claims.

Intended audience: For practitioners to share with patients, staff, clients and those in community settings.

Problem the product solves: Concrete, up to date information on the nutrition facts label and manufacturers claims based on extensive research and data collection.

Sections included:

  • Dive Into the History of the Food Label
  • Learn How to Read the Nutrition Facts Panel
  • Examine Key Recommendations of Nutrients
  • Decode Terms Used on Food Labels
  • Review Misleading Labeling Claims
  • Navigate the Ingredient List
  • Understand Changes Made to Nutrition Labels

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