Figuring out a client’s goal weight is arguably one of the most difficult tasks for dietitians working with eating disorders. When you add a history of disordered eating, exercise and body image concerns, this is made even more challenging. Eating disorder behaviors can alter metabolic rate and can even affect long-term weight and body composition. In younger individuals, behaviors may stunt growth until they become fully nourished again.

Much too often, health care professionals, including dietitians, focus only on body mass index (BMI) and body weight. These numbers are inadequate indicators of overall health. There is so much more complexity to “health” than simply the number on the scale.

What’s covered in this video:

  • An introduction to alternate views of health that are not based in BMI or weight status (i.e. HAES, set point, etc)
  • How to set an appropriate weight goal for clients, and how to determine when a clients is in at an appropriate weight for them
  • Exploration of weight bias in health providers/general public and how to improve this

What’s Included:

  • 90 minute webinar
  • Copy of accompanying slides

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