More workplaces are recognizing the value of wellness programs and education days to help improve the health of their employees.  Here is a presentation already put together along with a handout.  Most of the slides have talking points, questions you can ask the audience as well as references and resources you can review in preparation for the presentation.

The outline of the presentation is:

  • Establishing that food impacts our workday
  • A brief summary of how food impacts stress, depression, anxiety, cognitive function, energy levels
  • Review of how breakfast, lunch, snacks, hydration, stress management and mindful eating play a role in energizing the work day, helping with cognitive function, productivity.
  • Work is a safe place/ say no to food shaming- how to not do it, how to respond to it

The presentation is 19 slides and is editable, so you have the opportunity to make adjustments for your audience or your nutrition views.

The handout (2 pages) goes over the best options for breakfast, lunch, and snacks- as well as additional information to help people choose healthy fats, fiber and best hydration options.  

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