Do you have a series of nutrition-related presentations coming up? Are you struggling for ideas? Look no further! In this bundle deal, you’ll receive FOUR engaging, family-friendly presentations that can be suited to your needs. Created using the tried and true 4-A lesson plan format, participants will become engaged in the lesson with a thought-provoking question (the anchor), learn the new information (the add), use that information in a hands-on activity (the apply), and leave the lesson with a solid task or take away to bring home (the away). Each of these lessons is 50-60 minutes long, and they can be used in succession or separately. 

The topics covered:

  • Eating Well with MyPlate as Your Guide
  • Decoding Nutrition Labels
  • Food & You
  • A Grocery Store Tour

Each lesson includes:

  • PowerPoint presentation you can customize
  • Lesson plan outline
  • Activity worksheet
  • Ideas for takeaway items

These lessons are ideal for families but can also be used with adults-only classes, and classes with children 10+. They can be customized to different age and literacy levels.

Have fun!

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