Eat Your Electrolytes

Key electrolytes for athletic performance along with:

  • electrolyte shopping list for replenishment & rehydration
  • pre-formatted hydration tracking sheet

Hydration is Key

When it comes to sports, hydration is essential for optimal athletic performance. However, the media will have you believe that you must have the latest, sugar-filled sports beverage in order to fully & properly recover. Luckily for us, Mother Nature already provides all the electrolytes that we need in the foods and beverages we consume everyday (thanks, Mom!).

Snag this quick guide for yourself or your clients to help save both time and money in performance recovery without all that added sugar!

What’s Included

A total of 5 unbranded PDF pages for use with athletes and active individuals:

  • cover page (1 page)
  • breakdown of 6 key electrolytes (2 pages)
  • electrolyte shopping list to act as a food & beverage guide for replenishment & rehydration (1 page)
  • pre-formatted hydration tracking sheet (with options to track in fl. oz. or L) (1 page)

*Bundle is a total of 5 pages with 4 “active” series pages

Is This JUST for Athletes?

No way! Any active individual, those living in hot, humid climates, outdoor workers, etc. who are interested in learning more about hydration or in need of creating a healthy habit will benefit from this bundle!

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