Are you giving a presentation that involves food with adults or kids? Be sure to have the essential forms for your event!

Included are the following forms:

~ Sign-In Sheet

~ Allergy Waiver Form

~ Photo Release Form

Serving food at a community event can be worrisome. How to deal with allergies? What if someone has an allergic reaction? You aren’t alone in these thoughts, which is why this Allergy Waiver Form has been created.

Provide this form to every participant at your community event, and through this, you will gather information about their allergies. By signing this document, attendees waive the right to sue or place a complaint against your organization. This all sounds scary, and it kind of is. Make sure you cover yourself completely when dealing with food. Don’t take a risk of handling food without having participants sign this form.

Some allergies may be too tough to handle for your event, and this form clearly states that you have the right to turn someone away if you know the food is unsuitable. What about an allergy that isn’t listed on the form?  By signing, attendees agree to update you with any changes to their allergies, and not hold you at fault for a reaction to a previously unknown allergy.

*Disclaimer: This sample form is intended to be used for reference only. We advise you that any sample form must be reviewed, and possibly modified, with legal counsel prior to use.

*Note: This template is only an example. State laws and specific insurance contract provisions may require different terms.. You should consult a competent lawyer for specific advice to create a tailored form.

Need more? The Photo Release Form is included in this bundle!

Do you have plans to post of share pictures from your upcoming presentation or community event? Don’t forget to get permission from participants with a photo release form. Pictures are powerful marketing and you’re probably excited to share details about your successful event on social media. Who knows, maybe you’ll attract a new customer with these pictures!

This handy Photo Release Form allows you to post any pictures taken from community events on your social media! Bundle includes form for adults and minors.

Now you’re well on your way to a successful presentation or community program!

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