Have gyms, colleges, or other organizations been asking you to help their members decipher nutrition misinformation? Do you constantly get asked about Keto, Intermittent Fasting and the like? Have you been looking for a way to easily present credible nutrition information to others while teaching them how to avoid fad diets? Look no further! This 45-minute long workshop is perfect for providing adult clients with the credible information about fad dieting and tips for successful lifestyle changes instead. Created using the tried and true 4-A lesson plan format, participants will become engaged in the lesson with a thought-provoking question (the anchor), learn the new information (the add), use that information in a hands-on activity (the apply), and leave the lesson with a solid task or take away to bring home (the away). 

In this lesson you will engage your groups with a simple question, teach them about several different fad diets and how to take a different approach to dieting, and play a fad diet trivia game.

This toolkit contains:

  • PowerPoint presentation you can customize
  • Lesson plan outline
  • How to spot a fad diet handout for a takeaway item

This workshop is ideal for adults and can be customized for different ages and literacy levels. 

Have fun!

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