While nutrition is a dietitian’s specialty, there may be times when you are also asked to present on fitness topics for a corporate wellness opportunity or a community presentation.  As a personal trainer and USAT Level I Triathlon Coach (as well as an RD), I’ve put together this presentation just for you!

Fitness Myths & Training Truths is an evidence-based fitness presentation that will touch on common fitness beliefs, exercise recommendations, and tips for building an exercise routine.

What you’ll get:

This 21 slide deck presentation is visually appealing and engaging.  You’ll receive in PowerPoint (.ppt) format, so that you can modify/brand it as needed.

It comes with a participant handout that includes interactive components, like a true/false activity to kick things off and a fitness goal setting activity towards the conclusion.  You’ll receive this in Word format so you can modify/brand it as needed.

This also comes with a presenter’s guide that has a slide by slide breakdown of what you should discuss, as well as any pertinent background information.

Presentation description (for your use in advertising to your corporate/community groups):

Confusion over exercise recommendations can hinder you from making progress – or perhaps it’s preventing you from even getting started! Come learn answers to the top questions about exercise like: “Which is better, the elliptical or treadmill?” “Should I only use light weights to tone my muscles?” “Will fasting before a workout burn more fat?” – and more!  You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of exercise recommendations and ways to start improving your fitness plan today.

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