Revised and updated

If you are a dietitian who wants the complete information on FODMAPs, this is the package of handouts and worksheets for you!

It is the A to Z toolkit you need to educate your client on all phases of the FODMAP diet.


  • what lab tests are needed

  • appropriateness of your clients

  • handouts on foods allowed/not allowed

  • grocery shopping guide

  • flavoring guide

  • and much more

What you get:

  • Diet guideline handout
  • Label reading guide and quiz – A way to teach about ingredients allowed and not allowed on the FODMAP diet
  • Guideline for eating out
  • Shopping when you follow a low FODMAP diet
  • Meal planning for low FODMAP
  • How to adjust recipes so they are FODMAP friendly
  • Flavoring food handout
  • Guidelines for the dietitian
  • Re-introduction of FODMAP foods
  • Resource handout – websites and stress reduction resources

Here is the link to my store – Check out the other resources/education materials available!

Grab the free handout from this package here!


This handout will help your clients find the spices and seasons to add to their food to increase the flavor of the food, while avoiding the gastrointestinal flare-ups.

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