Football Themed Dialysis Bulletin Board

Keep it Simple

In Texas, football rules the fall.  I made this bulletin board to pull in the football excitement at Texas A&M and teach a few principles.  You could easily replace the burly football player below with your regional team or even regional mascot.  This is also a great bulletin board for Superbowl time in January!


Any sort of food could go here!  You could even ramp this board up a notch by showing awesome tailgating ideas.  I kept it simple with grapes, blueberries, rice, lettuce, celery and carrots.  The file in the Renal Education Library and in RD2RD includes many more choices though.

Flag on Fluids!

Fluid gains are such an important topic for dialysis patients that I included this as well with a few tips to keep fluid down.  I always keep in mind when making these boards that I don’t have to give EVERY idea that is out there.  A couple ideas is enough.  Over time, people pick up the pieces they are ready to incorporate.  For this board I included 3 tips:

  1. Use a spray bottle to moisten your mouth. Try lemon juice in water.
  2. Try chewing sports gums; sugarless mints or sugar-free gum are also helpful.
  3. Keep lemon drops in your pocket to help keep your mouth moist.

High Phos Fumbles!

There are a number of high phosphorus foods you could put here.  I chose to include phosphate additives in some common products I had heard my patients talking about in our monthly labs.  Syrup, cereal, and even something benign as garlic can have phosphate additives.  I included a few more high phos foods in the file if you have more room on your board.

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