That disordered voice inside your head can sometimes feel so realistic that you believe every single word that pops out of its mouth. Or perhaps you’re terrified of the consequences that may happen if you don’t listen to them.

This Disordered Thinking Worksheet will help you:

  • Recognize when your thoughts are disordered
  • Reframe your thinking¬†
  • Take a logical stance¬†
  • Be prepared to challenge your thoughts in the moment

While this was made with people with eating disorders/poor relationships to food and body in mind, this can be used for anyone.


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  • Great teaching tool

    I love using this worksheet during sessions with clients to help them reframe their disordered thoughts. Wonderful resource.

  • Excellent!

    This is such a beautiful layout and a time saver for me! It’s so nice to have a client need something quickly and me be able to search on here and find something to download and send it straight over! Thank you!

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