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Do you provide nutrition services to a gym or fitness center? Do you have clients who ask you all the time about how they can improve their “gains” or performance? Now’s your chance to host this Fueling for Fitness workshop and make your mark as the nutrition expert at your gym, fitness center, or in front of those clients who love working out and think they know all (we all know somebody like that, right?). Check out this workshop toolkit, which now has a scripted option! 

This 45-60 minute long workshop, designed for both in person and online settings, is perfect for helping adults and athletes understand macronutrients, how they’re used in exercise, how to properly fuel and refuel their fitness goals, and how to safely use supplements to support their goals. Created using a dialogue approach, this workshop engages your learners, expands their knowledge, allows them to exercise that new knowledge, and elevates their understanding to take it home.

In this workshop you will engage your groups with a thought-provoking question about what they currently do to fuel their exercise routines, expand their knowledge about sports nutrition, exercise that knowledge by creating their own workout and fueling / refueling plan for the week, and elevate your participants’ understanding with takeaways to bring home so they can continue to take strides toward fueling their fitness goals.

The two toolkit options are:

For just $15, the basic toolkit includes – 

  • PowerPoint presentation you can customize
  • Lesson plan outline
  • How to Pick a Better Protein Bar handout
  • Protein Powder 101 handout
  • How to Fuel and Refuel Your Workout two-page guide
  • Workout plan and fuel / refuel plan activity sheet
  • Easily able to take it online! 

For just $20, the upgraded toolkit includes – 

  • All of the above, plus
  • A complete script that takes you through the entire workshop, providing talking points, question breaks, and activity step-by-step instructions to guide your participants even through a Zoom session!

If you’d like to learn more about my approach to creating engaging and dynamic workshops, check out Build the Perfect Workshop Guidebook right here on RD2RD Marketplace that walks you through creating your very own!

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