You’ve got a client newly diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and you’re excited to get to work promoting a positive relationship with food while also managing blood sugar. You did your digging (literally in the file cabinet, but also with lots of Google searching) to find quality resources, but you’re at a road-block. You’ve probably thought:

  • Most evidence-based gestational diabetes resources feel out-of-date or clunky.
  • You’re pulling material from too many different sources and it feels disjointed.
  • You are a weight inclusive practitioner – the resources available mention weight or BMI in a way that is stigmatizing to your clients in larger bodies.
  • You want to promote a healthy relationship with food, but current GDM resources focus too much on carb counting and feel restrictive.
  • Your clients with GDM come to you with so much shame and fear; you need handouts that reinforce a more gentle approach to GDM management.

You are not alone. In my graduate research of the intersection between gestational diabetes and mental health, I found there was a gap in evidence-based resources for dietitians who want to use a weight inclusive, intuitive approach to dietary management of GDM. I created the Gestational Diabetes Client Resource to:

  • Provide a modern-looking, printable PDF that caters to both my tech-savvy and pen-and-paper loving clients.
  • Synthesize introductory information in one, cohesive place.
  • Teach appropriate nutrition education free of weight stigma.
  • Promote a flexible, balanced, and intuitive eating pattern.
  • Encourage self-compassion and reduce shame in the GDM management process.

This tried and true resource for clients with gestational diabetes is the perfect accompaniment to your medical nutrition therapy or nutrition education session. It is friendly to intuitive and mindful eating approaches, and leaves room for various evidence-based GDM management strategies and client personalization.

This 10-page resource includes:

  • Plate Method for GDM (1 page)
  • What happens to my blood sugar with GDM? (briefly explains GDM & stresses it is not the client’s fault) (1 page)
  • What foods have carbs, protein and fat? (1 page)
  • How can I include carbs? (1 page)
  • Testing blood sugar (1 page)
  • Blood glucose journal (5 pages, duplicate)

Utilize this resource along with the Intuitive Pregnancy Grocery Guide to empower your clients with information about their GDM to help them effectively manage their blood glucose in pregnancy and build sustainable habits that will last a lifetime.

Watch the Weight Inclusive Gestational Diabetes Webinar (coming soon!) for tips on how to implement these tools.

If you’re new to the weight inclusive approach, check out the free short guide: Weight Inclusive Approach to Gestational Diabetes Management.


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  • Gestational Diabetes Client Resource

    I was disappointed that in this 10 page document the last 5 pages are exactly the same page repeated. It should really be called a 5 page document. Feeling mislead.

    • Hi Jodie,

      Thank you for the feedback and I’m sorry you were disappointed. I am going to review the product description to see if I can make it any clearer than it already states that the blood glucose journal makes up the last 5 pages of the document. Thank you for your purchase and I hope you found it helpful in practice!


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