Gestational Diabetes Client Resource

This clear, concise resource for clients with gestational diabetes is the perfect accompaniment to your medical nutrition therapy or nutrition education session. It is friendly to intuitive and mindful eating approaches, and leaves room for various evidence-based GDM management strategies and client personalization. This 10-page resource includes:

  • Plate Method for GDM
  • What happens to my blood sugar with GDM? (briefly explains GDM, stresses it is not her fault)
  • What foods have carbs, protein and fat?
  • How can I include carbs?
  • Testing blood sugar
  • 4 page blood glucose journal

Utilize this resource to empower your clients with information about their GDM to help them effectively manage their blood glucose in pregnancy.

File Type .pdf
File Size 536 KB
Number of Pages 10
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McKenzie Caldwell, MPH, RDN

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Enhance your nutrition education sessions for clients with GDM with this beautiful, informative resource!
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