Got gluten-free clients? Recent studies show that 1 in 5 people avoid gluten, so no matter what area of nutrition you work in, you probably do. Save yourself some time and energy and make it easy to give gluten-free clients what they need and want to know in a nice little package.

There are now 2 versions of the gluten-free handout kit. This is the expanded version, with 25 of the popular gluten-free handouts. They cover all the essentials: gluten-free basics, the scoop on the 2014 labeling ruling, cross-contamination, sample simple recipes with a variety of food restrictions, healthier specialty products, insurance letters to faciliatate reimbursement, and even a “cheat sheet” with ICD 10 codes.

This saves you a lot of time and effort and gives both new patients and g-free veterans concrete suggestions and tools.

All documents are Word files, making them easy to customize for use with patients and add your own tagline.

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