Take advantage of this FREE download – Grocery Shopping Tips & Tricks for Intuitive Eaters

  • Are your clients feeling overwhelmed when they go grocery shopping?
  • Are they looking for a way to organize their weekly meal ideas?
  • Are they looking for ways to combine intuitive eating with meal planning?

This download is for clients who are interested in learning ways to organize and plan their next grocery trip intuitively. It includes:

  • An area for brainstorming meal ideas
  • Shopping list with grocery categories
  • Tips, tricks, and reminders of things to consider before heading to the store

License: You may not share, sell, or distribute this file to others.  Printed files are permitted for use with clients in individual or group sessions only. If using this file in a presentation, slide deck or on social media platforms, please credit the creator as “Stephanie Dorfman, MS, RD” and tagging @Stephanie.Dorfman as appropriate.

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