Grocery store shopping list

Retail nutrition is a hot topic these days, but consumer confusion continues to grow. Help your clients with this simple, one-page handout on grocery shopping. Handout may be customized to include your logo and business name. Handout includes separate food groups with check boxes and tips to make healthier choices from each one. Specific brand names only included in frozen meal section. Handout may be modified to include store brands in your region.

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Handout may not be plagiarized for resale.

Sound Bites Nutrition

I've been an RD for several years and love to write. I have extensive experience in clinical nutrition as well as community nutrition, public speaking and freelance writing. My style of writing is very conversational and entertaining to read. My shop contains client handouts and tips sheets, private practice forms as well as power point presentations for individuals and groups. Handouts are appropriate for health fairs as well. My business page is a listing for my food pun tee shirts and other swag that are print on demand.

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Grocery shopping list, simple shopping checklist, retail nutrition handout for individual or group use

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