Have you been tasked to lead a grocery store tour? Are you fumbling with where to start? Look no further! This family-friendly, 50-60 minute long workshop is perfect for taking adults and school-aged children through all the healthy stops at your local grocery store.

Created using a dialogue approach, this workshop engages your learners, expands their knowledge, allows them to exercise that new knowledge, and elevates their understanding to take it home.

In this lesson you will engage your groups with a thought-provoking question about grocery shopping, expand their knowledge of shopping healthily on a budget with real life examples, exercise their knowledge with a grocery store scavenger hunt, and elevate the message home with a solid takeaway. 

This toolkit contains:

  • Lesson plan outline
  • Activity worksheet
  • Takeaway handout

Ideally this workshop is suited for families and children ages 10+. It can be adapted for lower-literacy groups as well. 

If you’d like to learn more about my approach to creating engaging and dynamic workshops, check out my workbook right here on RD2RD Marketplace that walks you through creating your very own!

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