Are you ready to start group programs within your practice?

Practice Better has given users the incredible opportunity to create group programs directly within their EHR – no need to purchase additional platforms!

As I have began to run virtual programs within my practice, I have created a template to get started on new program outlines.
This Group Program Template includes 19 modules and 4 group form templates.

  • Program overview with recommended outline for your PB sales page
    • Includes group waiver template
  • Welcome and Orientation Module

    • This includes a prompt for your personalized video as well as embeded PB client orientation videos and tasks for each participant to complete.

    • An intake form is included within this module to help you collect valuable information from each participant. Customize more as needed!
  • Separate modules for grocery store tour, label reading exercise, recipes and meal plans

    • Separate modules created for these topics to make it easy for participants to refer back to this information without searching through each weekly module.
    • Upload your documents, videos and more.  Add the text for what you need.
    • Drag and drop to change the order of all modules to best fit your program outline and needs
  • Weekly modules placeholders with weekly assessment template
  • Final Steps Forward exit module

    • Includes testimonial form template

To help you get people into your programs, I’m also including my discovery call application so you can chat with potential participants (or even move those that don’t qualify into 1:1 work)!

Stop stressing about the foundation of your group program and start implementing! Get the pre-launch going to get traction and validate your idea, then put it together starting here!

Like my other forms, this is a PDF with the embed links to add the forms and group program directly into your PB practitioner account. To see how it works, read this article:

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