The Hunger-Fullness Scale can be a useful tool when counseling clients or patients using a weight-neutral, nondiet approach. It offers a tool to assist in “scaling” one’s hunger and promoting awareness around hunger and fullness cues, satiety, and the recognition of appetite signals. It can serve as a guide for mindfulness and connection before, during, and after eating, as well as avoiding extremes in hunger and fullness.

This three-pack includes a PDF of the following:

  1. The original Hunger-Fullness Scale, as adapted from the “Intuitive Eating Workbook”
  2. A correlating scale using emoji graphics
  3. A correlating scale using traffic signs and stoplights (Red, Yellow, Green)

These updated versions can be appropriate for family counseling, clients with lower literacy or reading ability, visual impairments, intellectual- and developmental disability (IDD), or speakers of English as a secondary language. The correlation to the scale of 0-10 with descriptions will aid you as a counselor/facilitator to promote body awareness and connection to hunger-fullness cues, or guide family members or caregivers to assist your clients and patients.

For more on mindful and intuitive eating, check out this set of infographics comparing these concepts.
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