The holidays are approaching! Are your clients or group classes eager for tips and tricks on how to stay healthy this holiday season? This presentation toolkit will help you answer their questions in a fun and engaging way!

This 45-60 minute long lesson is perfect for guiding adults through making healthier choices this holiday season. Created using a dialogue approach, this workshop engages your learners, expands their knowledge, allows them to exercise that new knowledge, and elevates their understanding to take it home.

In this lesson you will engage your groups with a thought-provoking question about their barriers to healthy holiday eating, expand their knowledge on successful tips and tricks, exercise that knowledge by providing an opportunity for some goal setting this holiday season, and elevate your participants’ understanding with takeaways to bring home for the season.

This toolkit contains:

If you’d like to learn more about my approach to creating engaging and dynamic workshops, check out my workbook right here on RD2RD Marketplace that walks you through creating your very own!

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