Ever wonder how you can still enjoy the foods you love while eating healthy at the same time?

Want to convert all your favorite recipes into more heart healthy versions but don’t know how?

This FREE Heart Healthy Recipe Substitution Guide will be your heart healthy go-to resource in the kitchen!

Intended Audience: General adult population, home cooks/chefs, heart patients, individuals looking for lower fat/sodium/cholesterol ingredient substitutions.

Heart Healthy Recipe Substitution Guide

Let me show you how to achieve optimal heart health by using simple ingredient substitutions. You CAN still enjoy all your most coveted meals while also following heart healthy guidelines.

Following heart healthy diet restrictions can be frustrating!

Thinking about all the foods you CANNOT eat can be unpleasant and depressing. Heart patients may feel overly restricted and unsure how to change their eating patterns or food choices and want to quit before they even start.

Getting familiar with which foods are HEALTHY alternatives in recipes is a great place to start.

Here’s the answer!

Get familiar with which foods a recipe calls for and which foods you can substitute for them to make them more heart healthy.  Making ingredient substitutions can greatly reduce the overall fat, sodium, and/or cholesterol in your diet. This handout will help make you feel more CONFIDENT in the kitchen and more FULFILLED when enjoying the foods you love!

Product Description:

  • Colorful
  • Printable
  • Easy to understand
  • Includes BONUS “Common Cooking Measurements” guide
  • And BONUS “Cashew Mayo” recipe

For more heart healthy info and handouts, check out my other resources:

Or visit the Kiran Campbell Nutrition webpage at:


Here’s to eating heart healthy for life!

Kiran Campbell Nutrition


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  • Some Subs Not Heart Healthy

    Many good sub ideas. But several need review – Fat Free 1/2 & 1/2 has high fructose corn syrup, not good for anyone. Dairy is know to cause inflammation so maybe other ‘milks’, yogurt but not overloading on soy based products. Caution in recommending fat free anything since the fat is often replaced with sodium, sugar/HFCS or fillers. Egg subs often contain other artificial ingredients, several cause inflammation. For soy make it easy & suggest tamari sauce.

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