High Phosphorus Foods to Limit

Phosphorus is frequently not listed on nutrition labels. This makes it a particularly difficult nutrient to limit as part of the HD diet.  This bulletin board dives in deep and lists dozens of sources of phosphorus, broken down by food group to help patients identify these foods.  Each item is accompanied by a picture to increase accessibility to low literacy and non-English speaking populations.

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Wendy Cartier, RDN

Hello! I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, currently working in Outpatient Dialysis. The dialysis diet can be very challenging and often restricts my patients favorite foods. To help them feel like they are still able to enjoy meals, I like to create engaging, upbeat and informative educational content. My work focuses on what they can enjoy rather than what is restricted, as well as how to include their favorite items safely. In additional to hemodialysis focused materials, I also focus on wellness and weight management (Certificate of Adult Weight Management Level 1 and 2).

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