The holidays are one of the hardest times of year for healthy eating. The parties, last-minute events and all the office cookie contests can wreck havoc on our client’s attempts at staying healthy.

One of the biggest problems with supporting our clients during these times is the lack of nutrition information that reflect realistic portion sizes.

This can lead to more questions and confusion when clients are faced with real-life decisions, which can complicate even the most dedicated and health-conscious person.

Instead of leaving it to chance, support your clients by making their healthy food goals more relevant to what they’ll actually be faced with.

Want to take a more non-diet approach to holiday eating? You also get 2 handouts that use the principles of intuitive eating so you can give your clients exactly the conversation they need, when they need it.

The Complete Holiday Handout Pack for Healthy Eating is 22 pages of client education handouts covering these common (non-religious) holidays celebrated by most foodies in the United States:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Fourth of July / BBQ Season
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Superbowl Sunday

Each full color handout has 2 versions:

  1. Holiday Survival Guide with standard food choices.
  2. Diabetic Holiday Survival Guide for carbohydrate-friendly options based on commonly available foods.
  3. 2 Intuitive eating handouts focused on holiday food choices.

Great as handouts for clients/patients, and as a education prep for clinicians.

What you get:

4 Holiday Tips Sheets and Handouts:

One set for people with diabetes and one for those who don’t need to monitor their blood sugar.

Both include an introductory infographic clinicians can use to guide and structure their conversations with clients + 8 additional infographics with PRO TIPS.

Carbohydrate Counts AND Calorie Counts:

Reviews common foods found on 4 major foodie holidays (Thanksgiving, Fourth of July/BBQs, Superbowl Sunday and Cinco de Mayo). Carbohydrate and calorie counts are aligned with typical serving sizes instead of “recommended serving sizes” for easier conversations with clients.

Both guides also include a PRO TIP sheet that can be customized to any holiday.

Intuitive Eating Holiday Handouts

These 2 handouts fill out tips and tricks will make sure you clients have exactly what they need during the trickier times of year.

Combine or mix and match to customize the handouts you provide your clients, depending on their specific needs and the time of year.

Additional resources at Nutrition Cheat Sheets.

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