Do you work as an RD in ED treatment settings, or private practice? Have you ever struggled with keeping clients engaged during meal planning education, or are you feeling bored with the typical 24 hour recall???

Working with clients in eating disorder recovery on planning for meals, as well as tasks involving grocery shopping can be challenging! Dietitians can build rapport and trust with clients in recovery through providing them with thorough, and interactive options on how to personalize their meal planning experience.

This comprehensive How-To Guide, provides:

  • Education on:
    • Breaking down the steps to provide structure to meal planning
      • Where to find meal/snack inspiration
      • How to use support systems during meal planning
      • Flexible eating
      • Use of leftovers
      • How to stay organized in order to plan ahead
    • Guiding clients through the basics of creating their own recovery focused meal plans
    • Grocery shopping tips
  • Self-Reflection/Self-Discovery included in workbook pages with questions for clients to work through either with RD guidance or on their own!
  • Planning sections

Practice Note: *Walking through this guide 1:1 with a client takes between 60-90 minutes.

  • This contains a downloadable PDF file.
  • Product contains 9 total pages, which includes cover page, and intro page.

LICENSE: You may not share, sell, or distribute the files.

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