Many practitioners are familiar with the low FODMAP elimination diet. However, many miss out on providing their clients the steps to safely and effectively reintroduce high FODMAP foods. I was a part of that club until I took the time to figure out the best approach.

Counseling your clients through this process can be a complete breeze with the help of this tracking worksheet. It helps organize the each of the reintroductions into easy-to-follow steps. Additionally, this worksheet helps the practitioner analyze the results of the FODAMP reintroductions and offer advice on designing a maintenance plan.

The worksheet provides the client with space to take notes on each of the 10 high FODMAP trials including:

  • Sorbitol
  • Mannitol
  • Lactose
  • Fructan (grain)
  • Fructan (bread)
  • Fructan (vegetable 1)
  • Fructan (vegetable 2)
  • Fructan (fruit)
  • GOS
  • Fructose

Suggested trial foods for each of the categories as well as small, medium, and large dosing instructions are outlined. There is also space for the client to note any delayed reactions that occur up to 3-days after each trial.

This fillable PDF along with this corresponding article will help you to seamlessly educate your client on this somewhat tedious protocol.

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