An interactive workbook that discusses the principles of intuitive eating, with a strong focus on understanding and recognizing hunger and fullness, and why these principles are important for establishing a positive relationship with food.

This is a great guide for beginners looking to understand more about intuitive eating, and also practitioners looking to offer prompts and easy-to-understand exercises to clients. 

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How dieting interferes with hunger
  • Why we’re scared of hunger cues
  • Exploring the guilt and shame around hunger
  • The hunger scale
  • Journaling questions around hunger, fullness and guilt
  • Different types of hunger
  • Snack guide for matching your hunger
  • Emotional Eating and Stress FAQ and how hunger plays into them
  • Different inner food voices and how they play into hunger and food choices
  • What if you have no hunger cues?
  • What can disrupt hunger?
  • Understanding fullness vs. satisfaction – what’s the difference?
  • How to tell if you’re eating enough
  • How portion sizes do and don’t play into hunger/fullness
  • How to handle more hunger after you finish eating
  • Gentle nutrition
  • Applications to real-life situations (strict jobs where you can eat at certain times, snacks before/after workouts, what if you’re not hungry, etc)
  • Hunger tips for athletes
  • What is”normal eating” and what does it look like?

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