Do you have clients that:

  • step on the scale, feel dissatisfied and restrict their food intake
  • believe that eating normally throughout the day will cause extreme eating all the time
  • struggle with overwhelming urges to eat and cravings
  • experience guilt, shame and fear associated with overeating
  • feel preoccupied with food and apply all-or-nothing thinking to food behaviours
  • feel deprived (mentally, emotionally and physically)
  • live in a low-level chronic state of stress about food, weight and exercise
  • starve themselves all day in anticipation of a large meal

Your clients are likely stuck in the binge-restrict cycle, also known as the self-deprivation set up!!!

This non-branded handout helps your clients to see how the cycle of restriction can lead to overeating. It provides a great visual accompaniment of the concepts and can support in-session conversations. Whether you are pulling together a holiday themed workshop, supporting individual clients or fielding questions from friends and family, this resource teaches without overwhelm.

Build on this concept with the Understanding Bingeing & Emotional Eating Handout which reviews triggers for bingeing (including restriction) in more detail!

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  • How Under Eating Causes Overeating

    This is a great tool. Love that it is a simple easy to understand layout! Thanks.

  • Excellent content in an easy to understand format with a balanced blend of pictures & words. I explain this cycle 100s of times to clients. Now I have a visual handout to provide them. Thank you!! Heather RD,

    • Heather, thank you for the lovely review! I am so glad that this resource will give your clients a visual handout to your sessions and expertise! Cheers, Britt

  • Such a helpful handout!

    Thank you so much for sharing this resource! Your conceptualization of the binge-restrict cycle is informative and presented in an effective way (that’s not overwhelming!). I look forward to sharing with my clients.

    • Hi Beth! Thank you for the positive review! I am a visual learner myself, so I feel that visuals can often enhance conversations! I am so glad that you found the resource helpful and that it will be a useful resource in your practice. Cheers, Britt

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