Mindful eating and emotional eating are topics that frequently come up in client counseling sessions. This two-for-one pack of infographics expand on each concept and provide a launchpad for reflection, journaling, or discussion helpful to those working to heal their relationship with food. 

Mindful Eating vs. Intuitive Eating Infographic

“Mindful eating” and “intuitive eating” are often used interchangeably, but they are not identical approaches to eating. This graphic will compare and contrast the two, illustrating the key ways they differ. It can help clients establish a clear understanding of the similarities and differences, and avoid turning mindful eating into another version of a diet (AKA, the “wellness diet”).

What to Do About Emotional Eating Infographic

Emotional eating is typically used in negative terms, but in fact, it serves a valuable purpose. Use this infographic to showcase some of the basic human needs we seek to fulfill through food. Clients will see examples of coping mechanisms and self-care practices that may serve them well. 

Terms and Conditions  

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