This is a great introduction to Intuitive Eating and the principle of honoring hunger. At your next speaking opportunity, rather than just talking about what Intuitive Eating is, give your audience something that they can connect to and apply to their lives. It can be adapted for any general audience.

This presentation takes the concept of hunger and creates actionable steps for beginning to understand, listen to, and honor it. It starts by providing a brief introduction to Intuitive Eating and the 10 principles. It then dives deeper into the 2nd principle of honoring hunger and details 3 key steps to beginning this process. Topic areas include:

  • Intuitive Eating introduction
  • Biology of hunger
  • Restrict/binge effects on hunger cues
  • Mindfulness
  • The Hunger Scale
  • Meal planning/preparedness
  • Practical Hunger

This presentation is in PPT format so you may edit and adapt it to meet your and your audience’s specific needs.


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  • Just what I needed

    This is a great presentation for an intro to IE! Great topic. There are notes from the author on the powerpoint also.

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